Salmonellosis from Pistachios

The FDA, The California Department of Public Health and other State Departments of Health continue to investigate Salmonella in pistachio nuts and pistachio products sold by Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc. in California after one of the firm’s customers discovered Salmonella in a routine microbiological surveillance of their product. To date, the firm has expanded their recall of all roasted pistachios to include all lots of roasted in shell and roasted shelled pistachios that were produced from nuts harvested in 2008. Additionally they are recalling raw shelled pistachios from the 2008 crop that are not subsequently roasted prior to retail sale.

Since pistachios, like peanuts, are ingredients in many food products it is expected that this recall will continue to expand in the immediate future. Currently, these products are in four distinct categories, candy products containing pistachios, ice cream products containing pistachios, pistachio products, and snack and snack foods containing pistachios. For the most up to date list, please go to Complicating this investigation is that there are several strains of Salmonella that have been identified in the recalled pistachios. Regulators have recovered Salmonella from "critical areas" of the facility where cross-contamination between raw and roasted products could occur. As of today, millions of pounds of the company's product are being recalled and a significant amount of other firms’ products are also subject to recall, including many national brands.

Since pistachios are an ingredient in many consumer products, we agree with the FDA's continuing of the statement issued to consumers which states, "consumers should not eat pistachios or food products or food products containing them (such as pistachio bakery goods and pistachio ice cream) until they can determine that the product does not contain pistachios recalled by Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc."