About EHA Consulting Group, Inc.

With over 43 years of experience in the fields of public and environmental health, EHA has built a solid reputation for providing outstanding service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We often provide "on call" services for our clients, acting as a first line of risk/crisis management. There is never a fee for our initial consultation.

Should you desire more detailed information about our credentials, experience or capabilities please contact us.

What Makes EHA Different?

Why choose EHA over similar firms? Here are a few benefits of choosing EHA:

  • Client responsiveness with a national and international presence We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, wherever your business may be.
  • Our epidemiological, foodborne illness investigation team is second to none Our team includes former members of local, county, state, and federal regulatory agencies. We have a staff of biologists, epidemiologists, and microbiologists.
  • We spend more time on-site How much time does your current food safety consultant spend on site? Our time is used not only to identify problems, but to educate food service employees, and observe and correct food service employees whenever possible.
  • We are more thorough We typically conduct only one facility inspection per day. Our inspections are carried out during the times of greatest risk for potential cross-contamination during the food handling process.
  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting Our bullet-style reports can be accompanied by a narrative managerial style report that details the problems identified within the facility. Our reports are catered to the needs of our clients. They also provide detail on laboratory sample results collected during the inspection.
  • We don't use our previous month's inspection report as a checklist or guide As such you receive a true picture of the conditions observed, unlike our competitors who commonly use checklists or previous inspection reports.
  • Shorter Report Turn Around Time Advanced technology, such as the tablet PC's used by our inspectors, shorten our report turn around time.