Food Truck Food Safety Services and Consulting

Managing a food truck or hosting events with food trucks safely and legally can be a frustrating maze of bureaucracy and local ordinances. EHA serves our clients by preparing food trucks and other mobile food businesses with comprehensive food safety management, as well as a plan for navigating the regulatory labyrinth. We have helped both new businesses plan for opening and long-standing businesses prepare for expansion.

Hosting a Food Truck Event

Are you looking to invite food trucks or other mobile food establishments to your place of business for an event? The pitfalls may surprise you!

Besides adhering to food safety standards, strict fire and zoning regulations may apply in addition to the expected health permitting requirements, as well as regulations on how money can be handled.

  • EHA can provide you with standalone guidance to ensure vendors invited to your business meet regulatory and food safety requirements to ensure the safety of your associates and guests.
  • EHA will provide you with a researched and comprehensive list of requirements for all your business locations to help prevent last minute regulatory issues which can result in potential fines and/or legal issues.

Sanitary Requirement Services

Navigating through food truck food safety and sanitary requirements can be a difficult process, especially when operating in different municipalities. Our services give our clients access to comprehensive food safety and sanitary information that will allow mobile food trucks to operate in your jurisdiction of choice. Years of experience has allowed the company to identify the most stringent guidelines to set a baseline for excellence.

  • EHA can assist in the building or renovation process of mobile food trucks to ensure food safety and sanitary compliance.
  • EHA can assist you along the building or renovation process from permitting/licensing including plan review and pre-opening inspection.

Licensing and Permitting Services

Beginning the paperwork process for opening a mobile food establishment can be a daunting task.

  • What permits are needed?
  • What licenses are required?

These questions are just a couple of the multitude that need to be answered before a food truck can legally open for business and operate. Sometimes the answer to these questions are not the same within state lines or even county lines. With our guidance and experience navigating the initial tasks necessary to open will become seamless.

As a food vendor your top priority is serving safe food to ensure the health and wellbeing of your customers. With 40 years of experience, EHA can help ensure your new food truck business opens with regulatory compliance and in a safe and sanitary manner.