Expert Witness Testimony

  • Food, Processing and Materials Safety
  • Infectious Disease and Epidemiological-based Litigation

Despite application of even the best preventative measures, disease and food-borne illness events are bound to occur. Environmentally acquired infectious diseases are inevitable. Experience demonstrates that people become ill (or believe that they have become ill) as a result of food-borne pathogens or environmentally-acquired disease while on a cruise ship, in a hospital, corporate cafeteria or other public or quasi-public venue.

So, too, do events occur in the public sector where despite the use of practical prevention techniques, foods, ingredients and/or the packaging that contains them is or becomes contaminated biologically, chemically or physically. When the above circumstances occur, there is the significant potential for civil litigation, regulatory involvement, or both.

When your company or firm faces the specter of civil litigation or is contacted by Governmental Regulatory Agencies, be they State or Federal, EHA, technical experts in prevention, remediation, and management of:

EHA quickly and professionally provides time-critical expertise for legal, insurance and related proceedings.

Members of our staff are currently and have, in the past, been qualified as expert witnesses in a variety of technical environments. Our record of objective, sound, successful service in this highly specialized technical discipline is second to none.