Epidemiological-based litigation

EHA has over 35 years of experience providing targeted scientific and technical support to clients through the legal and insurance communities. Our SMEs (subject matter experts) perform fact finding, analyze discovery materials, evaluate deposition testimony and recommend areas of targeted subject matter to explore with deponents.

We are also experienced expert witnesses. We are a unique organization: unlike other firms who focus on legal expertise, EHA maintains an active and substantial hands-on professional practice in the same technical specialties to which we provide legal assistance.

The benefit to the client is that as circumstances, events, expectations and industry performance change, we are in a position to experience and evaluate them and apply the lessons-learned to each specific case. We support both internal counsel and external firms.

Why Hire EHA?

  • Extensive experience in legal matters
  • Broad subject matter expertise
  • Credible, industry-recognized witnesses
  • Above-average knowledge of medical-based litigation protocols and witness skills