How to Avoid Fines & Poor Restaurant Grades in a New York City Health Inspection

A New White Paper from EHA Consulting Group, Inc.

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  • Introduction Pg. 3
  • Solving Food Safety Issues with Consulting Pg. 4
  • Restaurant Table Stakes: Food Safety Training Pg. 5
  • Common Pitfalls to Fines and Degradations
    • a. Loss of Temperature Control Pg. 6
    • b. Lack of Pest Control Pg. 7
    • c. Food Contamination Pg. 8
    • d. Surface and Equipment Sanitation Pg. 9
  • The EHA Advantage Pg. 10
  • Conclusions Pg. 11


This food safety guide will help New York City restaurants identify and prevent the common causes of lower grades and increased fines in the annual New York City Health Inspections.

Millions of dollars of fines are issued by the city each year and fines are only trending upward. In addition to fines, restaurants lose millions more in customer revenue resulting from bad restaurant grades; 88% of New Yorkers consider restaurant inspection grades in their dining decisions.*

The best assurance of an "A" grade from the New York City Health Department is to use EHA Consulting Group, 30 year veterans of food safety, public health and epidemiology services, who will guarantee the top rating, provided their recommendations are implemented.

At the very least, reading this white paper on the common pitfalls and following the advice on how to avoid them will help your restaurant be further prepared when the New York Health Inspector unexpectedly knocks on your door.

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