Food Packaging Supplier Qualifications

Customers, converters and almost every other member of the food packaging supply chain are justifiably concerned about the quality, suitability and safety of the raw materials and constituents used in the food packaging or materials that they buy and use.

As a direct results of that, supplier qualifications, safety practices, facility evaluation, documentation and other details may arise as points which must be discussed, validated and deemed to be satisfactory, a catch phrase for “not likely to represent and involve me (the customer) in a food quality or safety event.

Experience has shown us that customers will (rightfully so) not take chances when it comes to food safety. The best way to reduce the risk of a food safety or recall incident is the up-front diligence performed to uncover, understand and become satisfied with the proper safety practices of your partners.

What happens, though, and how should a member of the food packaging community respond when it becomes evident that the practices of valued and irreplaceable supply chain partner are unknown or risky?

EHA’s professionals are experienced with this type of situation wherein connected partners do not agree on mitigatory practices, programs or what constitute “best practices” and expectations. EHA works hand in hand with multiple participants in the supply chain to identify risks, rate them for importance and level and then works with all involved to apply a suitable solution. EHA looks at packaging safety through the eyes of all parties in order to come to conclusions which are understood by all.