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With over 44 years of experience in the fields of public and environmental health, EHA has built a solid reputation for providing outstanding service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We often provide "on call" services for our clients, acting as a first line of risk/crisis management. There is never a fee for our initial consultation.

Should you desire more detailed information about our credentials, experience or capabilities please contact us.

Case Study: Outbreak

EHA consulted on what initially appeared to be a classic food poisoning outbreak. After dining on Rockfish at a local seafood restaurant, patrons presented with gastro-intestinal and neurological symptoms, identified as foodborne Ciguatera toxin contamination. Regulators were surprised, as Ciguatera toxin is not typically found in Rockfish.

Following an investigation, EHA was able to determine that Grouper, served to diners in place of Rockfish, was the source of the Ciguatera toxin. EHA assisted affected persons in getting proper medical attention and provided post-event guidance...

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Case Study: Litigation Support

A commercial insurance carrier was preparing to settle a sizeable claim based on the assumption that its client had supplied an improperly packaged, non-conforming bulk liquid ingredient to a beverage manufacturer, who, in turn used it and was ultimately forced to discard unsuitable manufactured product.

Following a manufacturer site visit and comprehensive evaluation of all facts, EHA determined that the non-compliant bulk ingredient had been received, handled and re-labeled by an intermediate 3rd party and, thus, the actual supplier to the beverage company. EHA created a full chain of custody and integrity handling map and assisted the carrier with important facts in advance of settlement...

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Case Study: Inspection

A routine food service field inspection quickly became a serious contamination risk event when an EHA auditor observed a malfunction in the condensate handling system of an onsite refrigeration unit. The potential existed for food, storage surfaces and skin to be contaminated with the pathogen listeria monocytogenes

EHA coordinated all corrective actions including notifications, discard of contaminated and at-risk foods, issuance of a work order with a licensed commercial refrigeration technician, and sanitizing protocols leading to effective restoration of safe operation.

EHA’s expertise, diligence and actions prevented contaminated food from being served to our client customers, thru preventing a food borne outbreak and a considerable calamity for the client...

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Media & Press

Media Appearances

EHA has over 35 years of experience in serving the legal and insurance communities. We serve as subject matter experts for fact finding, discovery, depositions and expert testimony.

Unlike many other firms we are not only legal experts but maintain an active and substantial hands-on practice in the areas in which we provide legal assistance.