Indoor Air Quality Services (IAQ)

EHA provides the latest techniques and strategies for the identification and resolution of problems involving Toxic Molds (Bioaerosols) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), including bioterrorist agents.

We identify the causes and effects of fungi, Legionella and other bioaerosol pathogens on human health. Exposed individuals may experience infection, irritation, allergies and toxic effects. After identifying the problem and recommending solutions, we can also supervise, evaluate and validate remediation.

>> Click here to view our presentation on airborne viruses and the use of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.

We offer comprehensive experience in the surveillance of a variety of indoor and outdoor environments, as well as specific experience with OSHA issues. Our extensive background with emerging pathogens and intervention strategies is backed up with knowledgeable, credible, and seasoned expert testimony involving diseases from environmental sources. Not only does EHA employ the most cutting-edge equipment, but it is backed with over 35 years of experience.

EHA's Bioaerosol/IAQ clients are from diverse industries where the health, well-being and comfort of employees, guests and patrons are of concern:

  • attorneys
  • building owners & managers
  • community organizations
  • conference centers
  • correctional facilities
  • country clubs
  • cruise ships
  • health care facilities
  • hotels & resorts
  • residences
  • insurers
  • manufacturing/processing/distribution facilities
  • municipal governments
  • museums
  • office buildings
  • research laboratories and other "clean" environments
  • schools & colleges
  • supermarkets
  • theme parks
  • youth camps
  • zoos

When You Need Us

  • "Toxic Mold" - detrimental to human health and compromising to the structural integrity of residential and commercial properties. (Toxic Mold Page)
  • After a Flood - backups from sewers and drains, floodwaters from weather events, leaks that saturate interior building materials, water damage from fire-fighting efforts.
  • Sick Building Syndrome - respiratory illness from amplified fungi indoors.
  • Human Pathogens (e.g. Listeria) - detected in food plants by the USDA or FDA.
  • Assessment of Risk in Environmental Areas
  • Bioterrorist Threat - biological or chemical agents potentially released into your environment. (Bioterrorism Page)
  • Composting - sewage, municipal solid waste & leaves spreads bioaeorosols for miles.
  • Employee Awareness & Educational Programs
  • OSHA & EPA Compliance