Regulatory Compliance

EHA is aware that members of the food packaging community are often confused about what constitutes adequate legal and regulatory language intended to provide customers, suppliers and, if necessary, regulators and the legal community with comprehensive facts and data that describe and explain legal uses of the materials offered for sale.

Without assistance, guidance and methods from an expert to verify and validate statements in a letter of regulatory suitability or certificate of regulatory compliance, packaging quality representatives are at risk of not putting or getting the right language and facts in their regulatory documents. EHA has broad experience in the area of food packaging regulatory compliance and is well prepared to assist vendors, customers and manufacturers with guidance as to what constitutes an adequate, suitable letter of regulatory suitability or compliance that can be signed and submitted without the fear that the contents are inadequate or inaccurate.

EHA will also advise food packaging-related clients as to what steps and actions constitute adequate proof or evidence that the purity, suitability and legality of packaging components or materials as stated in certifications have been properly verified based on current best practices and methods.

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