Food Ingredient Packaging Overview

Food ingredient packaging is extremely important in order to assure that each item arrives fresh and remains suitable for use and consistent in its quality. The packaging is intended to control the safety, support freshness and maintain the integrity of the food ingredient contained therein.

Food Ingredient Packaging Quality and Safety Information

When ordering food ingredients, it is advisable for the customer to understand the following packaging attributes:

  • What are the packaging materials? Are they flavor-neutral or do they have the potential to impart undesirable and unwanted taste to the ingredient?
  • What substance are the food contact surfaces composed of? Are any of those materials likely to “scalp” or remove critical flavor top notes or volatiles from the food?
  • Does the food ingredient require moisture and/or oxygen barriers?
  • Is the package configured with a reclose feature?
  • Is the package puncture-resistant?
  • How much (weight/volume) product is in the package? How long will it take to use the contents?
  • Does the package contain any active accessories for extending shelf life?
  • Is the package labeled with brand, generic name and other necessary descriptors, date of manufacture, lot/batch code, “best when used by”, “discard by” or similar freshness guidance?
  • Does the product data sheet or MSDS contain a complete description of the package materials, style, geometry, volume, permeability and other critical information?

EHA packaging experts provide clients with guidance regarding packaging materials and features. EHA is able to evaluate and analyze ingredient composition with packaging attributes in order to provide optimum protection, compatibility and shelf-life.