Drug & Cosmetic Services - Public Health and Epidemiology

EHA Consulting Group, Inc. offers comprehensive food safety, public health and epidemiological services before, during and after a crisis relating to consumer goods regulated by the FDA, USDA and other government agencies, including foods, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.

Our team of experienced Epidemiologists, Microbiologists, Food Scientists, Registered Environmental Health Specialists, Physicians and Nurses are available to assist you in any issue related to these important issues:

  • Experience in governmental policies and regulations, standards, regulatory guidance and inspection techniques
  • Function at integrated or distinct levels of processing, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, vending and retail
  • Skilled in litigation, negotiation, mediation, and public disclosure
  • Global experience with major manufacturers, insurers, and research facilities
  • Containment of costly and time-consuming negative publicity and litigation
  • Ideal access to the industries we serve

Our consultations encompass assistance with matters involving FDA, USDA, CDC, DEA, EPA and state agencies; reimbursement, cost-containment, advertising and promotion issues; risk reduction; cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical device recalls and detentions.

On behalf of our clients, we interface with all levels of government, including the FDA, USDA, CDC, OSHA, EPA and local and state agencies. Our experience encompasses testimony before the U.S. Congress and discussing issues of interest to our clients with individual Congress members and their staff.

On the international front, we interact with agencies and representatives of foreign governments regarding imports to the U.S. and compliance with EU and other foreign regulations on behalf of US clients.