Composition & Components

Each food ingredient or additive is expected to have a general composition and a minimum, nominal and maximum content of key components by which it is characterized. Natural ingredients may or may not be “nature identical”. It is especially important for the customer to identify the characteristics or grade of each ingredient, natural or artificial, extracted or compounded, in order to meet sensory and effect performance expectations. In the event that targeted sensory, physical, chemical and biological component characteristics are expected, those specific component qualities and quantities must be clearly identified within written product specification in order to document product attributes.

It is imperative that customers understand which ingredient components must be controlled and how they must be controlled in order to achieve consistency and functionally during use. It is just as important for suppliers and customers to understand when targeted ingredients are at risk of containing components which are regulated or must be labeled. EHA experts provide ingredient-specific information to clients regarding documentation, specifications and test methods in order to protect their ingredient supply chain interests.