Epidemiological Expert Witness and Litigation Support

EHA has been serving the legal community for over 35 years. Our expertise spans the scope of environmental and infectious diseases epidemiology from diseases involving food, milk and water, to respiratory infections from environmental sources to hospital acquired (nonsocomial) infections.

Our range of services can be applied contemporaneously when an outbreak is occurring, as well as with ensuing litigation. We have consulted with and served as experts for plaintiffs and defendants as well as the court itself.

Epidemiology Expert Witness

Not withstanding appropriate preventative measures, prevention of disease cannot be 100% guaranteed; therefore, environmentally acquired infectious diseases are inevitable. In present times, whether it's a foodborne disease, a disease acquired on a cruise ship, or from a hospital or recreational facility, there is a significant probability that it will lead to civil litigation, regulatory sanctions, or both.

When the need arises, EHA - as the experts in prevention, remediation, and management of nosocomial or environmentally acquired infectious diseases - can also provide required expertise for legal, insurance, and proceedings. Members of our staff have been qualified in a variety of forums to testify as experts. Our record of objective, sound, successful service in this regard is second to none.