Food Ingredient Safety Overview

Edible food ingredients and additives used in the production of food for human consumption, a category which may also include certain non-edible components, such as direct food contact packaging materials, considered by regulators as food additives, must be safe, legally approved for each intended use, sanitary and free from adulterants or contaminants.

Food Component Safety Categories

Ingredients, additives and related food contact substances intended for human consumption must adhere to a lengthy list of criteria, evaluation, scrutiny and verification to insure their suitability, safety and regulatory status approval. Each of the categories listed below describes and explains food ingredient limits, requirements, conditions and handling behaviors regulated by the FDA or other governmental agency, or, alternately, current good manufacturing practices and “best practices” as defined in the Food Safety Modernization Act or the latest editions of recognized Food Safety Expectation Manuals. EHA experts provide clients with guidance so that they fully understand requirements, risks and mitigation objectives associated with safe, suitable foods.