Bioterrorism Consulting and Risk Management

Recent events have brought the issues of bioterrorism and agroterrorism into the spotlight. These can be addressed effectively through careful monitoring and applied science.

While anthrax has become synonymous with bioterrorism, there are many more biological and chemical agents that may be used as weapons:

Category A

  • Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis)
  • Botulism (Clostridium botulinum toxin)
  • Plague (Yersinia pestis)
  • Smallpox (variola major)
  • Tularemia (Francisella tularensis)
  • Viral hemorrhagic fevers (filoviruses [e.g., Ebola, Marburg] and arenaviruses [e.g., Lassa, Machupo])

Category B

  • Brucellosis (Brucella species)
  • Epsilon toxin of Clostridium perfringens
  • Food safety threats (e.g., Salmonella species, Escherichia coli O157:H7, Shigella)
  • Glanders (Burkholderia mallei)
  • Melioidosis (Burkholderia pseudomallei)
  • Psittacosis (Chlamydia psittaci)
  • Q fever (Coxiella burnetii)
  • Ricin toxin from Ricinus communis (castor beans)
  • Staphylococcal enterotoxin B
  • Typhus fever (Rickettsia prowazekii)
  • Viral encephalitis (alphaviruses [e.g., Venezuelan equine encephalitis, eastern equine encephalitis, western equine encephalitis])
  • Water safety threats (e.g., Vibrio cholerae, Cryptosporidium parvum)

Category C

  • Emerging infectious diseases such as Nipah virus and hantavirus

EHA has been working in the field of airborne and foodborne diseases, such as anthrax, for over 35 years - long before they became the public concern that they are today. EHA's services include monitoring and, in conjunction with certified laboratories, investigating and identifying the presence and source of contaminants such as anthrax. Our services go beyond monitoring in your place of business - they can be tailored to include food safety and food security issues as well - a rising public concern in these trying times.

We also provide related educational and training services including state-of-the art multimedia presentations. Our audiences are often outside of the scientific community; we strive to calm and educate the anxious citizens of our country.

Click below to see the article featuring EHA Consulting Group, Inc., written by John Curran of The Associated Press (Nov. 1, 2001).

Companies Seek Anthrax Testing

by John Curran (Associated Press) - November 1, 2001.

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