Food Safety services - For Manufacturers (Raw & Ready to Eat)

EHA has been serving the raw and ready to eat food processing industry for over 35 years. Our expertise covers the range of issues involving food safety, foodborne illness, including risk management and crisis invervention.

Some of the specific areas in which our Food Safety services can be critical include: Food Product Recalls; Food-borne Disease Outbreaks; Liaison with Government Authorities; Preventive and Remedial Inspections & Training; and Litigation Support. Our array of services are designed to prevent problems before they occur and to promptly correct any that may arise. We have the required expertise, resources and capabilities.

Comprehensive Food Safety Consultation

Our team of trained, experienced, and accredited epidemiologists, sanitarians, and environmental health specialists are available for 24-7 consultation on all issues affecting food safety and regulatory compliance.

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Crisis Intervention

Whether your business is farmed shrimp in Southeast Asia or ground beef in the America's heartland... packaged ready-to-eat meat in the Southern United States or frozen California strawberries... the first steps taken when allegations of food safety issues arise are critical.

EHA has the experience and expertise to interact with the USDA, FDA, CDC, EPA, local and state health and agricultural departments, and other potentially involved government agencies, as well as the media, special interest groups, legislators and the general public. We are also capable of coordinating your internal first-stage approach at the plant and executive levels.

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Disease Outbreak

After a potential link with a food-borne disease outbreak, a skilled infectious disease epidemiological surveillance and investigation is essential. Our epidemiology and environmental health team includes former regulators and health department officials. We perform an independent review and trace-back for each individual case and cluster. We pursue the pertinent documentation and information. Alternative causes and contributing factors are explored.

In coordination with the state and local health departments and federal agencies involved, we also monitor their investigations and findings. Too often, even well-intended investigations by public authorities lead to misleading or inaccurate determinations with disastrous results for the processor.

Product Recall

At this stage, significant product costs and loss in consumer opinion are at stake, and the consultation of a food safety expert is critical. Given the likelihood of undue escalation of the recall by product type and time frame, as well as heightened public anxiety, crisis management and damage control are vital. We have direct hands-on experience with some of the most recent and wide-spreading recalls affecting the food industry.

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Inspection & Education

Remembering always that our focus is to prevent problems before they occur, inspection and education are central to our consultation services. Our techniques rigorously implement the applicable HACCP principles, GMPs, and SSOPs. We can assess plant facilities and process flow, with an eye to regulatory compliance and cross contamination prevention.

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