The EHA Advantage

Be Proactive

The most effective aspect of a food safety program is prevention. EHA's third party food safety audits provide qualified consultation through:

  • Review of your HACCP documentation.
  • Inspection of storage, food production and processing units.
  • Assessment of equipment/utensil condition, water/sewage systems, garbage disposal, pest control and structural components.

Be Educated

Proper food safety requires proper knowledge. EHA's team educates your staff as they inspect and assess the facility to ensure that everyone involved has the understanding and ability necessary to effectively run and maintain the food safety program.

EHA's team consists of trained and experienced:

  • Epidemiologists.
  • Sanitarians.
  • Environmental health specialists.
  • Microbiologists.
  • Former members of local, county, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

Be Safe

Increase safety and customer satisfaction.

EHA's services are designed and proven to decrease the probability of food borne illness and increase regulation compliance. Improving the safety of the general public, as well as the quality of your product, is a guaranteed way to strengthen customer satisfaction.