Food and Packaging Safety Services for Legal Professionals

EHA provides expert assistance and advice to the insurance and legal community in the event that food packaging, materials, conversion equipment, facilities or the procedures under which they operate are part of an investigation, legal action or official inquiry.

EHA is well-positioned to act as client advocate as we perform an unbiased independent assessment of materials, components, documents, safety programs and related food packaging processes for the benefit of clients who have been or may be at risk of claims by affected third parties.

EHA has experience working closely with insurance adjusters, underwriters, internal and external counsels, manufacturers, customers and others as we provide targeted technical support and guidance when safety and regulatory issues arise with food packaging, equipment or processes.

EHA evaluates the technical facts and advises our clients of important, required and standard practices expected from members of the food and food packaging industries. EHA maintains a staff of former regulatory, food and food packaging industry professionals, all highly experienced and able to represent your interests in claims or at-fault related incidents occur.