Food Recall Consulting and Expertise

What is a Food Safety Crisis? It is any unplanned event that triggers a real, or perceived, threat to the safety, health, or environment of consumers, customers or employees.

If a crisis, such as a recall, is not handled well, it will not only impact those who have been involved, but also have a negative impact on a company's reputation-ultimately resulting in lower sales and/or lower stock prices. In some cases, it may put the very survival of a company at risk.

The best time to plan for a Crisis is before it occurs-not when it is occurring. With proper planning, training and testing of the program, a crisis can be managed to minimize the short and long-term negative effects.

EHA Consulting Group can help you adequately plan for the Food Recall or Crisis Situation. This type of assistance can include any or all of the following activities:

Should your company have a Crisis, EHA is ready to assist you on a 24/7 basis, including:

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