d Third Party Audits and Food Safety Auditing and Inspection

Third Party Food Safety Audits & Inspections

One of the keys to any successful Food Safety Auditing Program is to "know who you are buying from.". In order to do this, food suppliers' facilities should be inspected on a regular basis either by your own auditors, approved 3rd party auditors or combinations of the two methods. This must be done in a comprehensive but cost effective manner.

All of your facilities and processes, as well as those vendors and suppliers who service your food material, warehousing and transportations needs should be evaluated on a regular basis by your own inspectors.

However, adequate and up to date standards and requirements can only be verified through approved 3rd party audits. Combinations of these two methods are the best way to protect you against unexpected safety or quality incidents. At the same time, the process must be accomplished in a comprehensive, yet cost effective manner.

EHA has extensive experience in understanding how to develop, implement and validate/verify supplier-auditing programs. We offer comprehensive services in this regard such as:

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Third Party Audits - Food Safety Inspection

Third party audits provide a credible verification system to the entire food processing industry including retail environments, meat, fish, and poultry, vegetable and produce suppliers. Having a HACCP plan in place is often a first step to a successful food safety program, but is not entirely enough to ensure that food safety standards are being adhered to on a consistent basis. Purchasing food products from an outside source may directly impact on the success of your business, if your vendor does not adhere to the same strict sanitation standards as maintained in your operations.

EHA Consulting Group's team has conducted third party auditing services to the food processing industry for the last 35 years. These third party audits have not only been successful in identifying potential problems in the food supply, but have also allowed our inspectors to act as liaisons between vendors and supplies to ensure that problems are solved in a safe, efficient and economical manner.

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